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Tips for Post-hospital Transition to Home Care


Transitioning from hospital to home health care in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is a critical phase. A well-planned discharge minimizes the risk of readmissions and ensures that continued recovery is as seamless as possible. Here are five actionable tips to help with the preparation:

  • Assess Home Safety

    Before arrival, ensure a home environment that is conducive to recovery. Having chosen from several home care companies in Philadelphia, a reputable one can help ensure fall prevention by installing grab bars and handrails for added safety.

  • Coordinate with Healthcare Providers

    Keep an open line of communication with the healthcare providers. Communication with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff ensures that you clearly understand medication schedules, personal care services, therapy sessions, and other necessary healthcare services.

  • Arrange for Skilled Nursing

    Some patients require specialized medical care at home. Consider skilled nursing services for your loved one, allowing professionals to manage wound care, medication administration, and pain and symptoms.

  • Stock Necessary Supplies

    To further prepare for homecare, have all essential medications and equipment in stock. A well-stocked home reduces the stress of last-minute visits and purchases to the pharmacy.

  • Plan Transportation

    Please organize the transportation of the patient from the hospital to their home. It ensures that it is both safe and comfortable for them.

Transitioning from hospital to home is a significant change involving several logistical challenges. However, with proper planning and coordination from the right service provider like Helping Hand Nurse, LLC, you can ensure continued, consistent, high-quality care.

If you seek a reliable home care company, look no further than Helping Hand Nurse, LLC. We offer comprehensive services tailored to meet unique needs and ensure smooth transitions for safety and comfort.

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