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Preparing for Pediatric Home Care

Preparing for Pediatric Home Care

Bringing your child home to continue their care program from the hospital can be challenging. For starters, the home is not as well-equipped as the hospital, where essential equipment and services like skilled nursing in Pennsylvania are readily available at the push of a button.

That’s where personal care services in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, come in to help. This skilled personnel can assist the family and help address the challenges of caring for a child with special care needs. The parent is still the main caregiver, and the home care agency is there to assist. The family still has the obligation of preparing the home for pediatric home care.

Preparations should ideally begin a week before the child is brought home from the hospital. The family may need to make renovations to the house and make sure wheelchairs, and other special equipment can move freely within the premises. A room on the first floor of the house should also be designated as the child’s new room and must be able to accommodate a bed and a host of medical equipment. Ideally, the room should also have a toilet or at least have one within easy access.

Power is also very important, especially if the child requires a respirator. Parents must make sure that there are enough electrical outlets for multiple pieces of equipment. They should also put in place a source of backup power like a generator set or a solar-powered battery source.
The family should also be trained in life-saving emergency procedures like CPR. Everyone should also learn to recognize emergencies and must have phone numbers of emergency services close at hand.

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