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Social Services: Providing Care Beyond Clinical Needs


Aside from people who provide Home Health Care in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, patients also need people who can provide services related to home care provision.

And that is why we have Medical Social Services that provide patients with the emotional support they need during the difficult times of their lives.

Medical social workers can provide the following assistance:

  • Community resource planning and coordination
    Helping families find resources to provide them with financial support and information about their loved ones’ conditions.
  • Guidance and counseling with alternative living arrangement choices
    They guide patients when choosing where to spend their senior years comfortably.
  • Guiding with lifestyle changes
    They guide patients to have a proper diet and remain active at their age.
  • Grief management and bereavement support during the loss of a loved one
    They ensure the health of the elderly as they face bereavement and grieving stages after losing a loved one.
  • Crisis intervention
    Social workers support and advise people in distress, keeping them from harming themselves and others.

Social services are equally essential to patients facing distressing events that cannot be treated with clinical treatment alone. And Helping Hand Nurse, LLC understands the need for these services, that is why we offer them.

Through the help of our reliable and dedicated staff and Private Duty Care nurses, holistically managing your health can be possible.

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