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Home Care for People with Learning Disabilities


People from different age groups suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities. Fortunately, home services are not just for seniors! Do you have loved ones with conditions like Down syndrome, autism, and other intellectual/developmental disabilities? They can receive skilled nursing in Pennsylvania at home too. Check out the benefits of home care services for them, too.

  • It improves the quality of life.
    Care professionals provide extra support in providing personal care services in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. They make sure your loved ones find meaning while enjoying an independent life, whether visiting friends and family or participating in recreational activities. Do you think your loved ones can benefit from this service? Contact your nearest home care service provider.
  • It promotes community inclusion.
    Home care professionals offer assistance with mobility, preparation for the day, transportation, and more. Most parents provide emotional support for children or adults with special needs, but with the assistance of home care programs, they can live independently and thrive in the community or at home.
  • It supports independence.
    Just like everyone else, your loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to receive proper care and maintain an independent lifestyle. You can help your loved ones by focusing on their strengths and skills while caregivers support them in maintaining their health and well-being. They deserve to keep doing things they love!

Are you looking for quality care and medical social services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? Helping Hand Nurse, LLC is here to give your loved ones the best care they deserve at home! No matter their injuries, illnesses, or age-related concerns, we are here to help alleviate their daily living conditions and make life better for them. Contact us at 717-412-7023 for more information about our services.

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