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Common Causes of Poor Hygiene in the Elderly

Common Causes of Poor Hygiene in the Elderly

When we think of senior health, hygiene is often an afterthought. However, poor hygiene can have serious consequences on your senior loved one’s health. Maintaining good hygiene habits is often a challenge for family caregivers and as a result, many families turn to personal care services in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Likewise, we will discuss the most common causes of poor hygiene in seniors:

  • Fear or Discomfort

    A particularly bad fall can have long-lasting effects on your elderly loved one’s life. It can lead to injuries affecting their mobility and ability to perform daily tasks. If your senior recently had a bad fall in the bathroom, this may contribute to a feeling of fear or discomfort that can disrupt his or her hygiene routine.

  • Dampened Senses

    As we age, our senses are not as sharp as they used to be. Some older adults may not notice their hygiene right away due to a decline in their senses. In cases like this, a caregiver can help look out for signs like soiled clothes, bad breath, or body odor. In addition to skilled nursing in Pennsylvania, a home health provider can also assist with poor hygiene.

  • Depression

    Depression is more common among seniors who have illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and other chronic health conditions. The symptoms of depression can make it difficult to perform daily functions, including taking a shower or brushing one’s teeth. If you think your loved one is depressed, encourage him or her to receive treatment.

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