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Areas Where Persons with IDDs Need Assistance

The Areas People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Need Assistance

Developmental disabilities vary from person to person. It comes in different forms. Cognitive, emotional, mental, language and behavioral developments are affected. The following becomes a struggle for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

  • Activities of Daily Living
    Sometimes, independence is lost for people with disabilities. Performing activities of daily living is a challenge. Through the personal care services in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the essential activities will be assisted so they can function day-to-day.
  • Communication
    Because of intellectual disability, they experience difficulty speaking and understanding other people. They might need skilled nursing in Pennsylvania because they either have wounds or injuries, but they cannot explain their pain properly. A sensitive caregiver is a must for them.
  • Social Integration
    Connecting with others becomes tough as communication is a challenge as well. Frustrations from not having a social network become evident when they are in school, work, or in social settings. Extending ourselves to them would help in making them feel belong.
  • Mobility
    When they have appointments, want to visit places, or are availing of medical social services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a companion has to assist. Their disability limits their movement.

If your loved one has a developmental or intellectual disability, contact Helping Hand Nurse, LLC. They provide assistance not only to adults but to all ages who need care. Whether your loved one is a child or an adult, they can help. Reach out.

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